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Anarkalis have been popular since the time of Mughal empire especially by Anarkali of the Akbar's rule. These were the typical outfits worn in that era for the grand performances. Anarkali suits, characterised by long pleats that flare around the waist like an umbrella were revived by Madhubala in the 20th century followed by famous stars like Madhuri Dixit and Aishwerya Rai.

So Sassy, is known in the fashion circuit for it's range of Anarkalis with beautiful embroidered Dupattas or Shawls accompanying the elegant outfit.

Most of the Anarkalis are typically body fitted till the waistline with a lot of pleated flare there after.

it's timeless popularity makes it a must have outfit in your wardrobe which works for any occasion be it formal or casual.

Our designs of Anarkalis are more inclined towards the ethnic Indian side leading to a very feminine silhouette for a woman of any age.

The Anarkalis may be Asymmetric, flared or even open at the front. Shop online or drop in at our store at 306, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi to pick up an exquisite Anarkali of your choice.


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