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Indo westernGowns for women

Gown, an evening dress is a long flowing dress, made in luxurious fabrics like chiffon, velvet organza or satin, is mostly worn to formal occasions be it a cocktail party or a mehndi. Christian weddings usually have an elaborate white gown as a main wedding dress. We can always customise something for you if you are a christian bride.

Our gowns have an Indo western touch with a lot of embroidery, sequins and patterns on hand picked exclusive luxurious fabrics. Wearing our gowns on one of your wedding occasions is a good idea when you want a blend of both Indian and western influences on your attire.

Be it a Half shoulder, cold shoulder, styled as a wrap skirt or as a cape, it will certainly make you look stunning.

Gowns are a must for any brides trousseau !

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