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Stitched Sarees

Though a Saree does not need any introduction, It's a typical traditional Indian garment wraped around the waist by most of the Indian women since decades, if not centuries.

The saree has evolved over the years and is one garment which has never gone out of Fashion in the Indian fashion scene which has seen rapid changes over the years with influences from the west from time to time.

The Indian Saree has evolved into a fashion statement with women from all spheres of life, endorsing different styles and versions of saree.

Any Indian fashion designer's portfolio would be incomplete without his or her won version of the saree. The current influence from the west has led to a fusion of modern embroidery and an opulent silhouette, making it a seamless blend of boldness and elegance, both together.

A Saree has always stood tall amongst any Indian woman's wardrobe. Interestingly, the way of draping a saree changes drastically as one moves across the length and breadth of the country touching varied religions and cultures, this vast country is famous for.  We at So Sassy, make it easier for today's woman, with out pre stitched and draped sarees. Most of our saree are plain and simple but complimented by a heavy blouse with a whole lot of emphasis on detail. The cuts of the blouse can change the whole look from a sober and elegant indian to a bold and sexy western. No matter what the occasion, we sury have something for you to match your style and confidence. No wonder readymade Sarees are catching up on the popularity charts of the Indian fashion industry due to it's hassle free ease of wearing. 

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