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Planning and putting together your outfits could be much simple if you had just one main wedding ceremony but that's not how it works in a multi-cultured and diverse country like India, where we have one ceremony after the other before the final wedding day. And every ceremony celebrated with a however small or big budget is significant and memorable in itself.

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You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it. —Edith Head

Mehndi, Haldi, cocktail, Reception and the wedding itself are the main events, an Indian wedding celebration revolves around with family and friends following the rituals with great pomp and show.

What should you wear and when?

let's take it one by one. First and foremost, everything depends on the season and the time of the event. The overall color scheme of the wedding outfits depends on the seasons. lighter tones look better in summers while darker tones look great in winters.

Sometimes, even if the wedding is in winters but if it's a day wedding, light and pastel colors still look cool on a bright sunny day.

Mehndi and Haldi are fun ceremonies and all about pop colors where one can actually play with the color palette to pick up the funkiest stuff which you can carry around.

Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them. —Marc Jacobs

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. —Rachel Zoe

Mehndi - Color for this year is definitely yellow, Mustard and lime green. Our Fashion designers also recommend mixing and matching of these colors with hot pink and peach. For day time ceremonies, pick up the lighter embroidered outfits.

Don't ignore the importance of jewelry. If the bride is wearing only "Chand bali" and "Mang Tika" then you can shop for heavy hand-embroidered "Choli". On the other hand, if you are going for a heavy choker, then pair it with a simple choli or top with a lot of embroidery on the lehnga and not so much on the dupatta. 

For the hot summers, you can go for georgettes and nets and for the extreme cold of the winters you can wear outfits made in Silk, Brocade or Dupion.

Georgette is a fabric that can be worn in winters as well but during the day event. However, for a night event in winters only silks in deep and bright colors look appealing.

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." —Coco Chanel

Kaftans for Haldi!

Haldi - Yellow is the most popular color for Haldi, which you can carry with nice floral "Mang tika". We, at So Sassy often advise our clients not to go overboard with their budget. This is where you can spend relatively less compared to the other ceremonies as the chances of getting the garment spoiled are higher due to the nature of the Haldi rituals. Cousins and friends often go overboard as it's a ritual full of fun and frolic.

We as a fashion designer suggest going for a Kaftan which not only looks smart but keeps you hassle-free as well from roaming around with a dupatta.

Kaftans are also a fresh change of the bride's look from carrying a Lehnga, Sharara or a Garara.

We can customize exclusive wedding Lehngas as per the requirement of the Bride!

"Fashion is like eating, you shouldn't stick to the same menu." —Kenzo Takada

Cocktails are all about sexy silhouettes !

It's all about drinks, dance and dark beautiful sexy outfits in self tones. You can wear Gowns with sexy cuts and silhouettes. You could wear a gown with a sheer back or a deep cut front. Your gown could be backless or it may flaunt a high cut slit on the side.

Stitched Sarees are also very much in trend with designer sexy blouses to match. A saree sounds very traditional but it can look equally western and hot in its look with a lot of drapes on a shimmering fabric especially when coupled with a stylish blouse. Interestingly, you can also mix and match the stitched sarees with different blouses to change the look altogether.

Why not wear a Tripple layered Sharara with a crop top! And you can further complement it with a hand-embroidered jacket having a lot of fur and tassels. 

"I want people to see the dress, but focus on the woman." —Vera Wang

Go for Wedding outfits that complement the jewelry or vice versa!

We can customize exclusive wedding Lehngas, Gowns or sarees as per the requirement of the Bride and the one which goes perfectly well with the jewelry if you have already bought it or planned it!

If you have gone for Kundan and Polki sets, your choice of outfits depends on the way these jewels have been set. If the jewelery is more indian, we recommend lehngas, Crop top skirts, Sharars and gararas. On the other hand if the jewelery is more western in appearance, go for our Indo western draped gowns, stitched sarees and crop tops with shararas along with flowing jackets.

We recommend Gowns or other outfits with more western silhouettes as you carry around diamonds as part of your jewelry.


Shopping tips for Brides

# Be the most beautiful looking person around on your wedding! The outfit the bride chooses does make a whole lot of a difference besides the makeup and jewelry. Coordinate the wedding outfit and the jewelry wisely and aesthetically.

# Brides must start shopping early! This is true for any bride. Once you start exploring the market you will get a better idea of what is trending. You will be able to understand what's in fashion and what's not. You can relate better to the various dressing options available. Shopping early will save you from a lot of last-minute stress as alterations and fittings do take time. And if you are customizing your wedding lehenga and other wedding outfits, it certainly is going to take time especially when a lot of hand embroidery is involved.

# Communicate and coordinate with your Groom to be!

Be it a love marriage or an arranged one, do coordinate the wedding outfits with your fiance. In terms of colors and styling, you should not be out of sync with your partner. 

#Plan for all seasons

You trousseou should be planned keeping in mind, different seasons of the year. These should include georgettes, chiffons, silks, benarsi, brocades and pure cotton. 

#Plan for all reasons

Your trousseau should be combination of light, medium and heavy outfits which work well for different occasions that you come across after the wedding, be it a dinner out or a family get together. The lightest outfits should have beautiful silhouettes so that they look stunning even without any heavy embellishments. A must for family dinner hosted by close friends. 


#Plan a mixed color pallete

Include varied colours and tones. georgettes should be in pastel colours but not miss the pop colours as well for summers.  Keep the darker and bright shades like mustard, aqua, turquoise and rust in rich fabrics of Silk, brocades, velvets and dupions for winters.

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